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Mobile Phone Dating Services – Get Tuned In and Turned On

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Television commercials for dating services always look the same. They show a guy and a girl going on and on about how they found their ’special someone’ after reading a short bio and looking at photos from ten years ago on their profile. It all seems so boring, where’s the excitement? Of course, some people might be looking for a pen-pal relationship, but corresponding with emails can only reveal so much about a person.

It’s difficult to be romantic and sexy through a typed message, which is why companies have developed safe and sensual ways for people to meet on the internet and over the phone. Mobile dating services exist that allow members to record voice messages for others to listen to and respond. With one click, users can begin listening to hundreds of voice personals from members all around the country, and when they find someone interesting, they can pick up their phone and leave a message of their own.

Phone dating services have many advantages over traditional dating websites. They’re more intimate, cost effective, offer more adult-themed choices, and they don’t require members to fill out some worthless personality survey. Here are a few reasons why you should consider phone dating with mobile chat line and personals services.

Sex Appeal
When you listen to someone’s voice, you know you’re getting the real deal. Whether you’re looking for some dirty talk or a long-term relationship, there’s no bigger turn on than hearing the seductive voice of the guy or girl you’re interested in. Voice personals let users hear the real you and your real desires, without the cheesy ‘long walks on the beach’ garbage other sites offer. Replying to voice messages is easy too. Users can record replies without worrying about being censored, talking about the things adults really enjoy.
Voice messages are completely secure and discrete, as these voice dating sites do not reveal the actual phone numbers of their members to other members. Their voice chat system dials the numbers for you or else provide toll free numbers to call in and connect to the network, so you only need to worry about sounding your best.

Go to a traditional dating service and you’ll find two choices, men seeking women and women seeking men. That’s fine if it were still the 1950s, today’s lovers are into more exotic and exciting dating. When browsing voice personals, you will come across users looking for single partners, group partners, and couples looking to invite others into their bedrooms. From friendship, dating and long term marriage minded personals to casual encounters, fetishes and explicit adult relationships; these phone dating services offer choices. Gay and lesbian members will also find what they are looking for here.

It must cost a ton to use phone dating lines, right? Nope, in fact these sites are priced very competitively providing low monthly fees, free trials, and pay as you go plans. Be sure to explore your options and find the service that is right for you. If your smart and thrifty you will be able to communicate by voice for a fraction of the price charged by many well known dating companies. So spend some time getting turned on with mobile phone dating services.

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Cell Phone Dating Services – 5 Intriquing Phone Chat Topics

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

When exploring cell phone dating services, it is important to remember that different people will have different intentions and different expectations about where a relationship might go. Some people will use cell phone dating as a way to search for the perfect partner with whom to have a lasting relationship. Other people are looking for someone to hook up with, and have no further concerns about where any relationship that comes from it might go. Using the topics and tips in this article will allow you to find out what your potential date has in mind, without being too obvious about it.

When talking to someone from a cell phone dating service for the first time it is also very important to keep them engaged in conversation. It is difficult to maintain the proper balance between being boring and seeming nosy or overbearing. In other words, you don’t want to leave a lot of air in the conversation, but you also don’t want to appear desperate. The following topics can both give you something to keep the conversation going, as well as a few tricky ways to learn as much as possible about your potential date.


Asking a person about music is a good way to learn about them and ‘feel them out’. “What kind of music do you like?” may be a little cliche, but as long as you don’t let a short answer suffice, you can learn a lot. Be ready to talk about whatever music they like, whether you like it or not. Depending on what you are looking for in a cell phone date, the music they listen to may not be important to you, but make sure you are not negative about the music a potential date likes. Ask if they like going to concerts. Music is a good ice breaker, so relate to whatever they say and use it as an opportunity to talk about yourself a little bit.

Personal Item

Another way to break the ice is to ask a person to name one personal item that they can see right now. This put some degree of pressure on the person to be interesting too. By asking for an item they can see, you force the person to pick something fast. Use the opportunity to learn about your date. Be prepared to ask follow up questions such as “What does the item mean to you?” Treat this as a game and keep in mind you will probably have to answer the same questions.


You probably won’t start many relationships by asking a woman how well she knows her way around a kitchen, but if you ask a potential date thoughtfully where they like to eat and if they enjoy cooking you can learn a lot about them. Someone who cooks for themselves a lot obviously has a kitchen. Someone who usually eats TV dinners probably lives alone. If a person lists several finer restaurants, they either have money to spend or are accustomed to having money spent on them. Learn what you can and be sure to tell your potential date what you like too.


Asking someone about pets is a good lead in to find out a lot of information about them. Asking detailed questions about a person’s home and living arrangement may not be appropriate at first, however you can learn a lot by asking if they have pets. If someone tells you they have a dog or cat, you can ask if it is indoor or outdoor. An outdoor pet means a yard. Be prepared to ask questions like “does your dog tear things up when you are gone?” you can learn from the answers if the person has roommates, lives alone, or lives with their parents. What type of pet someone has can sometimes tell you a lot about that person’s personality. People love their pets, and are often passionate about them. This makes pets a great topic to get someone to loosen up and really show you their personality.


Asking a person if they like to travel is another great lead in. This opens both of you up to talk for hours about things you’ve done, places you’ve been, and places you’d like to go. You can also use context clues to figure out what kind of money the person makes, and whether previous trips have been with family, friends, or significant others.

These topics should help you to keep your first conversation going. You should also be able to lean a lot about the person you are talking to. Cell phone dating services can be a great way to meet someone, and hopefully these tips will help you to find what you are looking for.

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Cell Phone Dating Sites – Discover a New Way of Meeting Singles

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Cell phone dating has recently become a dynamic way for individuals to meet, chat, and flirt in hopes of becoming involved with a compatible someone, simply by text messaging, utilizing a mobile network, and chatting. Normally, these kinds of services let users supply information in a profile, which can be accessed via the cell phone by supplying a personal username or dating ID. Once an account is set up a user can call into the service at any time to access and use their account. Often user’s profile includes sexual preference, gender, age, relationship category, and location. Costs for using the services vary widely, from cheap for the everyday Joe or Jane to expensive for a premium experience.

Many mobile dating services are created for the sole purpose of allowing more opportunities for individuals to meet, and certain companies may even offer homing devices, which basically let a participant know when another user falls within a certain proximity of another user. Can anyone say creepy? Other reputable cell phone dating services utilize blue-tooth technology, of course there’s nothing more attractive than a participant wearing a phone device on his or her ear. According to many reputable sources, cell phone dating services are the next big, exciting thing, for it affords an acceptable way of meeting people without having to actually involve the computer. The demographics of participants range wildly: all genders, sexual orientations, age groups and people whom are seeking a wide variety of relationship types seem to be grabbing on to this exhilarating concept.

What some people may fail to recognize is that with all of this helpful technology, often there will be the downside to it. Although for most, the experience is absolutely positive, there have been in fact certain instances where stalking and harassment was involved but these cases do not occur frequently. And for all of those exceptionally attractive folks out there, quite often these profiles gain the most attention, so the profiles of those a little less attractive are not receiving nearly as much interest. For those that join a multitude of programs and do not receive immediate contacts and interest, often they are left flustered, angry, and in search of even another dating method. By 2013, there are predictions that cell phone dating services will grow dramatically, namely 1.4 million new users; that’s a lot of variety.

Many local phone dating services ask that the individual sign up to their website with a code transmitted through the mobile phone, and then after punching in the code, the system is setup and ready to be used. Upon browsing the many profiles that come up, and if the user is interested in a particular profile, he or she is given methods to contact the person. Often their are a variety of methods available for contacting another member including e-mail, SMS text messaging, voice messages, and live one on one chat. Cell phone dating sites provide a more intimate and effective avenue for meeting and greeting other people.

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Singles Chat Lines – 5 Essential Discussion Topics

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Let’s admit it: you have spent one too many Friday nights getting dressed, having some cocktails, mingling and chatting the night away only to come home without any prospects. It can be frustrating and feel like a waste of time when you are on a mission to find that special someone. Whether it is for a one-night-only special encounter or the romance of a lifetime, why spend another fruitless weekend out on the town when you can get comfy at home and chat on your own couch with singles just like yourself through telephone personals.

It’s easy. You will be wondering why you hadn’t done it sooner.

There is something lacking from online dating sites, that one step that will create a deeper, more instantaneous connection. The voice is a powerful magnet that can either attract or deflect our interest; why chat online when you can hear someone tell you about their interests, hopes, and dreams via voice chat? Or maybe you just want to hear the sultry voice at the other end instruct you to, well, you fill in the blank here. Whatever your reasons are, we don’t judge. We simply want you to find that person (or people) that will fill your days with excitement, pleasure, and happiness.

But if it is your first time, it can be an intimidating experience.
“What should I ask them?”, you might be wondering to yourself.

Just as you would mentally prepare for a first date with someone in person, so too should you be ready for whatever may come from a local phone dating site. Those who have already experienced phone chat lines find that there are five essential discussion topics:

1) Basic personal information: you will not want to give out your social security number, bank information, or work address to anyone right off the bat; naturally, however, you will be interested in learning what they look like, what type of job they have, food allergies, etc.

2) Intentions: where do you want this phone chat to go? Are you looking for the woman of your dreams to start a family with and share your home in the country? If you intend to say wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am at the end of your session, then he or she has a right to know this before things progress too far with only one person being satisfied.

3) Hobbies: yes, it sounds cliche, but if you know that he loves to collect comic books and stay at home playing PlayStation with his buddies every Saturday night, this is not the man to invite to the symphony and fine dining. You can learn volumes about someone from their primary interests (or lack thereof).

4) Turn-offs: this doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual. Just as important as what people are passionate about is that which they simply cannot stand. You might realize that your love of arachnids will never mesh with their total fear of them.

5) Whatever you are most attracted to in someone at first, these are the things that you should ask about right away. Chatting on the phone allows you to be as blunt or subtle as you want during this introductory phase.

Now Daters, get out there and get flirty!

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Phone Chat Lines – Using Your Voice to Spark Interest

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Online dating sites have been making headlines and appearing in television commercials for years. The idea that someone can type in their age, interests, and religion, and be matched with someone they will fall in love with is an enchanting and sometimes true fairy tale. However, one powerful part of one’s personality is always left out of those profiles: The voice. Other than body language, is there anything that can convey sincerity, love, or attraction more than the human voice? Nothing says “I adore you,” like a voice; the voice carries the most important messages such as “I love you”.

Phone personals have taken a backseat to online personals, thanks to the fixation everyone has with creating online matchmaking profiles. Voice personals are making a revival, though, and many people hope they’ll return more to the forefront as people rediscover the kind of impression a simple voice message can have on a listener.

Hearing the tone of a person’s voice during a conversation is essential. Many people mistakenly “speak” to a potential mate through an instant messaging service or email and believe that they’ve talked to the person. This is not quite the whole truth. Written conversation is much different than spoken conversation. It reveals less about personality and more about writing skills. Phone dating lines and local phone personals are trying to go beyond emailing and instant messaging to give people a chance to meet in a whole new way.

Phone chat gives people a chance to see more of the true character and personality of the person they’ll be meeting. It allows them to hear sweetness, sincerity, and sexiness instead of just reading it. Imagine if a person is terribly sexy but is limited to only goofy lines about sensual matters. A potential partner that is charming and sexy might be completely overlooked because they weren’t able to write romance novels in e-mail. The voice says what the written word cannot.

If you’re still not convinced about how powerful a voice can be in a relationship, just think of all the things a voice does to communicate our emotions: It screams, laughs, and cries. It expresses so many of the things that can’t be expressed through non-verbal body language or a sentence in email. It is impossible to read the true depth of someone’s pain, or the true passion that they might feel, whether it’s sexual or otherwise. If you take away someone’s voice in a dating scenario, you’re left with almost nothing. Even sexual relationships are enhanced by the basic sounds of the voice and the flirtatious sounds that the voice expresses.

Phone dating is a great way to get to know one another. For people who are shy or not great at getting to know someone face-to-face, they can use personals by phone to break the ice. Phone chat lines are a great way to learn the art of communication and gain confidence in your ability to speak with potential romantic partners. Of course there is not any face to face contact, but it’s always good to take things one step at a time.

When people marry or engage in intimate relationships, they don’t write to each other through e-mail. They talk. Voice chat lines give people a wonderful way to take the first step to a serious or casual relationship. Now daters, I challenge you, without hesitation, to get out there, introduce yourself, get flirty, remember to have fun and enjoy yourself!

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Local Phone Personals – How to Meet Sexy Singles

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Trying to meet eligible singles that you are attracted to and compatible with can be daunting and cumbersome. You may not know where to look, and you may not know what to do once you find the person of your dreams. There is no doubt that meeting a romantic partner is difficult, but one interesting and often over looked source of potential partners is through a phone personals network.

Your voice says a lot about you. Without your voice, where would you be in your life? Many people have something to say and they want to be heard. By using phone chat services, one can speak their mind without worrying about any condescending judgement from other people. It is easier to find someone else who thinks as they do. In addition, by listening to voice personals, you can get an idea of what other people are like. If you want to try phone dating but you do not know what to do, maybe you can use these steps to meet sexy singles.

The first step involves finding a telephone personals service. There are many sources for finding a phone dating service with an atmosphere that fits your personality. You can find dozens of services online by visiting their websites, in your local newspaper, or in your regions alternative publications. If the first phone dating company you try does not meet your needs then be sure to try others. Are you looking for a long-term marriage minded relationship or are you looking to experience some casual fun? Remember to try to keep an open mind, some phone dating services can be offensive to some people. If you are the type of person that gets easily offended, it may be beneficial to find reviews from current users of the particular service before joining or calling into the phone dating network.

When researching phone dating chat lines, the price of a membership is often a serious consideration for joining. Many people are more than willing to pay money for access to a telephone dating service that makes it easy to meet local people. There are services that provide membership at a cheap flat recurring monthly fee, there are some services that charge an inexpensive pay as you go per minute fee, and other services that charge a heavy price for access to a premium service. Often, a phone personals network will provide a cheap or free trial offer. Many different voice chat lines out there offer beautiful men and women who are looking for fun and love and the more you join, then as the saying goes, the more fish there will be in the sea.

Once you’ve decided to join a chat service, you may experience some nervousness when it comes time to recording your voice message. Remember to relax and don’t fret too much, often a service will allow you to record your message more then once if you don’t like your first attempt. Just think ahead of time the main points you would like to convey, breathe deeply, calm yourself and take action. Remember life is a journey, don’t forget to enjoy the ride! Now get yourself out there and get flirty!

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Voice Personals – Using Technology to Connect People

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Phone personals are undoubtedly a product of the 21st century. Love and friendship are universal desires and a goal for most people is to have enjoyable relationships and a fulfilling social life. Despite these desires, meeting someone in your neighborhood, on the job, or in a bar has proven difficult. I know personally from first hand experience that traditional dating venues can be time consuming and inconvenient. We know deep down that our knight in shining armor or our lady marmalade is not going to show up knocking randomly on our door. However, one visit to the Internet and suddenly we are awakened to a whole new world of socializing and dating.

The online world makes it simple to satisfy our desires for friendship, romance, love and marriage. One can find internet dating sites where you can publish profiles, send private messages, join chat rooms, upload and view pictures, and complete matchmaking personality profiles. Furthermore, one of the hottest ways to meet men and women is with phone dating.

Phone dating is a hot adult dating technique in which single people can easily get connected over the telephone by visiting a voice personals website. Numerous internet dating sites are inexpensive with a basic membership, but personals by phone are an easy way to avoid wasting money. In the past, phone dating was costly because phone dating services charged their customers heavily. However, with the advancement in technology, everything has changed, and now there are many phone dating websites that provide free trial accounts or cheap services. With this method, one connects with other members by way of voice messages or live phone chat. Typically to reap the benefits of this amazing technology, all that is needed is a cell phone or land line phone.

There are many benefits to using a phone chat line. For those who are shy, one can gradually introduce themselves without having to be scared of rejection. Often a phone personals service will provide varied categories to fit all personalities, for example: friendship, dating, casual encounters, romance, or marriage. With the nature of the internet, you can rest assured that you can meet people from a wide spectrum. Anonymity is very important and often phone dating services provide more privacy than that experienced in social networks or other dating websites asking every detail about your personal life. I mean, seriously, who wants to hear about my extreme fear of crunchy peanut butter?

In contrast to other approaches to meeting people, including online dating sites, voice personals are able to provide users with a more intimate experience. Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well if thats true, then the inflection in someone’s voice says a thousand and one. There is someting about a person’s voice that says so much more than the literal words that are coming from their mouths. Phone personals are perfect for those who enjoy knowing what a person sounds like before they move further into the relationship.

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Phone Chat Personals – How to Sound Sexy

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

When people think of a sexy voice on phone chat or dating lines, they may envision a young, curvy lady speaking slowly with bass-like vocals similar to Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. Men may try to go for a deep baritone like late soul crooner Barry White. While some people find these types of voices very appealing, the truth is that when it comes to recording yourself for a phone personal, it is best in the long run to sound like your natural self. Imagine how hard it would be to always have to change your voice whenever you spoke, although some people do in fact take voice training lessons – such as radio voice professionals. People who use phone dating lines normally want to meet a real person, not a character. While you are recording your voice personal, remember to try to keep calm so that the real you can come out…not the nervous gittery version. If uncertain about how you sound in a voice personal, here are some steps you can take to improve your aural projection and better convey your true personality.

1. Record your voice first using a digital recorder or an old cassette player, start by saying “Testing 1-2-3″. If you feel confident about your sound, build up to saying your name or pseudonym on the recording device. This is a good way to find out if your phone voice comes across as too low, nasally or just needs a little work. If a person has a speech impediment, such as stuttering, they can slowly become comfortable and better prepare themselves to record an intriguing dating personal.

2. Write a short (but truthful) bio – This can include your job, education and things you enjoy doing in your spare time. It is best to save political affiliations, sexual habits and family information for an actual phone chat. Doing this will help you to deliver your message smoothly.

3. If you feel that your message may still need a little help, add a little background music. If you want to use something universally appealing such as Kenny G (am I kidding? Yes…unless you like the Kenny G-funk) or are going for a humorous angle, something by Weird Al Yankovich may be the answer. Realize that songs that suggest violence, misogyny or other controversial topics are not recommended. Also, the music should be in the background, not the voice itself and do not play an entire song before recording your phone personal.

4. Keep offensive crude jokes to a minimum. If someone has said that you had the potential to be the next Chris Rock or Lisa Lampanelli, then you may want to use this talent sparingly in your chat recording. A short, clean joke to break the ice will bring positive results. Save the racy stuff for when you get to know someone you meet through the phone chat line services.

5. Private parts should remain private. If a person has a nice physique, they can state that they are athletic, in shape, or proportioned to their height. People of varying sizes should state their body type in a way that is positive and not demeaning. Some good examples are big beautiful woman, hearty handsome man, thin as opposed to skinny, etc. As far as referencing certain parts of the body, you should consider it a privilege to the stranger to reveal that private information. Don’t be afraid to make people work for what it is that they would like to know specifically.

In short, you just want to sound friendly and approachable since people are meeting you over the telephone. Now, if a person feels inclined to make a phone personal recording of themselves speaking so slow that they sound as if they’re slurring their words or moaning, the feedback may not be what they were expecting. That is if they receive anything in their box at all. Then again, I am not the master of the universe, experiment a little and see what works for you.

Best Luck!

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Phone Personals – Creating a Voice Message That Stands Out

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Sometimes it seems like you’re the only person without a date, doesn’t it? Whether you’ve just come off of a long relationship, recently moved to a new area, or just decided it’s time to make some interesting friends after being immersed in your work or schooling, you just might be looking around and thinking, “WTF?” It is highly ironic that in this age of instant communication via the Internet and satellites, simple communication between one person and another has become incredibly complicated. Many people are taking advantage of today’s technology and are using phone dating lines to find other people for romantic relationships.

Yes, today it is possible to go online, read a quick description, and then listen to voice personals. This is so much better than just a cold ad in some free newspaper, where all you get are printed words and no flavor of who wrote them. It’s better than immediately meeting a person in real life and then searching for something – anything to say back to them that doesn’t sound stupid or creepy. In a way, you can architect your persona.

Check out some of these websites and see if you don’t agree that they offer the best of both worlds to internet dating. If your anything like me then you’re probably raring to call into a chat line and record your own voice personal right now. Hold on though, lets discuss what it is that you are going to say to make the biggest impact on someone that you just might find to be scintillating. Just like meeting someone face to face, you’ll want to give a good impression through your voice chat personal. If your going to be introducing yourself to who knows how many people on these voice chat lines – let’s discover some ways to make your personals memorable and self flattering first.

First of all, know what you’re going to say! Just winging your local phone personal could be brilliant, but it could also be full of “uhs”, “ums”, and long silences. Try writing down what you’d like to say about yourself. Don’t rehearse too much though, or you could sound like a machine. Leave a little breathing room, know the main points and characteristics that you are trying to convey and then let your personality fill in the gaps.

Describing ourselves is not always the easiest task. If you are having trouble with a description, try listing things about yourself. Make a list of some of your positive traits. Have you been told you have a nice smile? Write it down. Do you think you have a good sense of humor? Write that down as well. Are you generous? Then by all means make it known. Don’t be afraid to brag about your awesomeness. Humility is a great trait, just as self sufficiency and confidence are also great characteristics.

Don’t forget to quickly express your true physical traits. Commonly people will provide listeners with their eye color, hair color, body type, and height. Don’t spend a lot of time talking about yourself though. Just lay out your physical stats quickly and move on to the next topic of your personal. Spend the majority of your time filling the personal with information on what you are looking for in a partner. This isn’t the time to be coy, how will you get what you want if you don’t ask for it? Know what you want, and write it down.

Time to record your phone personal! Relax. Breathe deeply, calm your nerves, and smile. You want to sound friendly, and you can’t do that all tied in knots. Maybe drink a glass of wine beforehand, but don’t over due it. Sound happy, not sloppy drunk. Don’t try to sound “sexy”. When most people try, they come off sounding like they’ve got a sore throat or a bellyache. Speak with your god given tone as if you were talking to a best friend.

With a little inventiveness and a sense of humor, you can create a voice personal that will leave others wanting to know more. A little intrigue can go a long way. Now…onwards! Take action and improve your dating life now. Here is hoping you meet someone just as intriguing and inventive as yourself! Best luck.

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Phone Chat Lines – Effectively Finding Romance Online

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

I get very nervous when I am meeting someone that I find attractive. My heart beats a little faster, my palms get a little sweatier, and I usually have the most embarrassingly stupid smile painted on my face. In the same way, using a phone chat line to meet new people makes lots of people nervous. Lets explore some ways to effectively create a voice personal so that you can push through your nervousness and make a real connection with someone you find attractive.

  • First and foremost, think critically about what it is that you really want. Literally, take some time, close your eyes, clear your thoughts and focus on your breathing. Meditate and visualize precisely what it is that you heart desires most. Seriously, do this now, before you continue reading. Now, write down your thoughts to solidify what you desire in your life. Consider traits that you want in a partner such as spiritual beliefs, hobbies and leisure activities, sports, whether or not you wish to have children, long-term life goals, or whatever it is that you find important. When you meet people you are attracted to it will be much easier to determine if you think your lifestyles will blend together in a positive way since you have already determined what is it that you really want.
  • Don’t be afraid to try out various phone chat line services. People sign up for all varieties of online phone dating sites and you can meet different people with the wide range of options available to you. Your experimentation can be very inexpensive as well, as many dating sites provide free accounts or free trials. Just experiment and see which social atmosphere meshes with your personality best.
  • Put yourself out there, talk about things that interest you and find out what it is that motivates and inspires the people that you meet. Ask people questions to test whether their ideals and goals match your own ideals and goals. Try to be funny, and see if they like your style of humor. Speak bluntly and honestly, be genuine with people if you want them to be genuine with you. Don’t fear rejection, just put your best foot forth and see if they like what you have to offer.
  • Remember to be aware of your safety, do not meet someone until after you like and trust them. Once a decision has been mutually made with another person to meet, chose a public location that will allow you to explore your chemistry. There are many activities that make for a great first date, go to a movie, visit a zoo, hang out at the park, visit a library, use your imagination and keep it fun. If it works out, that is great. If not, don’t be afraid to move on to the next person that makes you sizzle. You aren’t doing anybody any favors by dating someone you are not genuinely passionate towards.

Have fun daters!

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