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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an exciting, new approach to dating personals! We provide users with the ability to create, respond, and listen to voice personals recorded over the phone.

Free Account? What is the catch!

Yes, download and use the Android™ app free! Create your account, record personals, send and receive messages 100% free!

Watch for upcoming premium features! Private and Safe Live 1 on 1 Chat? Instant Live Dates? Voice Chat Rooms? chat line?. Vote for you favorite feature and let us know what you would like most!

How do I create a personal advertisement?

Creating a phone personal is simple. Download our free app with an Android™ device with internet connectivity that can record audio. Install the app and then follow directions to record your voice personal, 100% free.

How do I respond to an author's personal?

After installing the Android™ app and creating your free personal, send and receive flirty voice recorded messages from your personal voice inbox - Again 100% Free! Enjoy :)

I've lost my account ID and/or access PIN..

Sorry, no account recovery process is currently available, but you can create a a new account at no charge :)

What kind of phone must I have and what about phone charges? will work with devices running Android™ that have a microphone and audio output with internet connectivity.

Data rate charges may apply, pay close attention to your phone service provider plan. Be aware of your phone service agreement because you are solely responsible for any charges incurred while using the services provided.

What can't I set my location to outside the USA?

Feel free to use the service anyhow, picking a US location while we do our best to make the app more user friendly globally.

How do I meet singles in my area? is a great destination for local phone personals. Personals can be filtered on the website by location, relationship category, and gender. Just be sure to provide your zip code when creating your personal .

I am gay or lesbian...

Welcome! When creating a new phone personal ad, all users must specify in which gender they are interested. Have a look at our gay phone personals and lesbian phone personals categories.